Are you searching for someone?

A lot of people miss an important person in their lives, they may not know who their father is, they gave up a child for adoption, they do not know their brothers or sisters, born from a former or later relationship of one of their parents. Also a lot of people just want to find back someone who has played an important role in their lives, an old friend or their first love…

Leijs & Partners can help you find that person, not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide. Our search agency has nearly 15 years of experience in searches, finding biological parents, siblings and dear old friends. We work together with correspondents all over the world.

The agency was founded by Mrs. Els Leijs, who has helped hundreds of people in their search for a vital, missing link in their lives.

You can reach our team of qualified searchers at our helpdesk through +31 35 69 50 775 (please mind the time difference, we are on GMT+1). Do you prefer to write to us? Send your email to or your letter to PO Box 265, 1400 AG Bussum, The Netherlands.


Leijs & Partners